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Demo github-social-preview#

🔴 YouTube replay#

From Svelte Society London Meetup 23rd March 2022 Youtube link

⚡How to start?#


  • I'm using volta as node manager.
    • If you have it, when you will run yarn (to install everything), volta will grab the version of node and yarn specified in the package.json.
    • If you don't have it, you will have to install node (>=16) and yarn (or other package managers) yourself.
  • I'm using yarn as package manager.
    • In yarn.lock you are able to see pinned versions of dependencies. (I'm trying to be always up to date)
    • You can use other package managers, but you will need to adapt some scripts (prepare and the watchAndRun vite plugin.)
# Get the demo app (will create a folder: kitql-github-social-preview) npx degit github:jycouet/kitql/examples/demo-github-social-preview kitql-github-social-preview # Navigate to the new folder cd kitql-github-social-preview

To continue, follow the online README.MD or the the one you just cloned.

👇 Preview#