GraphQL Client - Houdini

⚡GraphQL Client - Houdini

Initial setup

To setup Houdini, you need to configure a few things in your project. And to make things easy, you can simply do:

npx houdini init

And that's it 🎉🎉🎉


For more info, check out the complete guide setting-up-your-project (opens in a new tab) on Houdini directly.

Specials with KitQL

Defaults of Houdini are great 👍. We list here a few tweaks to know that integrates well with KitQL.

Houdini's Tweaks

Nice convention:

  • *.gql for operations (client)
  • *.graphql for typedefs (endpoint, graphql type definition)
/** @type {import('houdini').ConfigFile} */
const config = {
  schemaPath: 'src/**/*.graphql'
export default config

More about the config (opens in a new tab)

Next step?

To go forward, you can directly check Houdini's doc (opens in a new tab).

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