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Mutations methods are exposed in a straightforward way from Houdini. Check 👇

<script lang="ts"> // Having a "AddUser.gql" mutation in a file will generate "GQL_AddUser" store import { GQL_AddUser } from '$houdini' async function add() { await GQL_AddUser.mutate({ variables: { name: 'JYC', birthDate: new Date('1986-11-07') }, // (optional) optimisticResponse while the response is not yet received optimisticResponse: { addUser: { id: '???', name: '...optimisticResponse... I could have guessed JYC!', birthDate: new Date('1986-11-07') } } }) } </script> <h1>Mutation</h1> <button id="mutate" on:click={add}>Add User</button> <pre> {JSON.stringify($GQL_AddUser, null, 2)} </pre>

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Use directly => Houdini's doc.